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Anti-Reform Obstructionists Revealed as Teachers Union Employees and Officers

Recently Utah passed a sweeping new education reform, one which would allow tax dollars to help pay for schooling, whether public or private, at whichever schools parents think are best. In less than a day, a group called Utahns for Public Schools sprang up to force a recall election on the reform bill via a statewide signature drive. An enterprising reader of the website of the Education Intelligence Agency (a teachers union watchdog) noted that out of the 50 coordinators on the Utahns for Public Schools county-by-county signature drive site,

13 are UniServ directors employed by the Utah Education Association, whose pay is subsidized by grants from the National Education Association. Another 12 contacts are elected officers or representatives of the Utah Education Association and its local affiliates …

So what are the odds that it’s a teachers union operative blocking school reform? In this case, it’s fifty-fifty.

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