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WSJ Supports Employee Rights Act

In late July, The Wall Street Journal editorialized in favor of the Employee Rights Act (ERA), the most comprehensive update to American labor law since the 1940s. It goes to show the virtues of the ERA—which protects employees with eight substantive reforms—and the pressing need for labor reform. You can read a snippet here:

The House bill would require unions to obtain permission from workers to spend their dues on purposes other than collective bargaining. Current labor law lets unions deduct money from worker paychecks to fund political activities. Workers then must go through the tortuous process of requesting a refund for the share not spent on collective bargaining, which unions may broadly define to include member engagement that boosts voter turnout.

In the Journal‘s words, the ERA “would protect workers and employers from union intimidation.” That’s a win-win for workplaces nationwide. You can read the full editorial here.

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