Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

News Roundup: 2-15-13

St. Louis Post-DispatchRight-to-work building interest in Missouri Capitol
Packed-house hearings suggest that there will be a long road ahead, but some proponents are feeling the momentum.

New Hampshire Union LeaderRight-to-work legislation put down hard
The right-to-work bill does not make it out of the House this year. In 2012, state senators refuse to hear the bill, and in 2011, right-to-work was vetoed by then-Governor John Lynch, and did not get enough votes to override his veto.

Hoffa in the Detroit NewsRight to work is a right-wing conspiracy
We quote Hoffa’s opinion on those who support right-to-work and other labor reforms:

It is exactly what Hillary Clinton called it: A vast right-wing conspiracy. “King” Of Nowhere: UAW Chief Makes Noise, Not War
CEI scholars look at the ineffectiveness of Bob King, president of the United Autoworkers .

New York TimesSeeking Growth, Nurses’ Union Links to Teachers’ Union
The American Federation of Teachers poaches a 34,000 member nurses union.

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