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News Roundup: The News Is–There Will Be No More News

Philly Media Group Threatens to Liquidate Outlets

Filed under “this is awkward,” the Philadelphia Daily News reports (via that its parent group, Interstate General Media (IGM), has given the employees of the News,, and the Philadelphia Inquirer an ultimatum: Come to a union agreement by Friday or we’ll liquidate. Although the newsroom staff has a contract that runs until October, the company’s ten remaining unions are currently working without a deal.  We’re looking forward to some interesting reporting by these union members as they give us the play-by-play of their own fate.

“Pure Michigan” Ad Upsets Right-To-Work Foes

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), believing (correctly) that right-to-work laws are a draw for businesses, advertised as much in the Wall Street Journal last week. But not everyone is happy: Opponents of the legislation are appalled that the ad invoked the popular advertising slogan, “Pure Michigan.” MEDC’s president defended his company’s decision: “Freedom to work is now a law of the state of Michigan, and our job is to sell to the business community all the advantages they may have in doing business in Michigan.” General Motors, for one, agrees.

NLRB Adding Front Pay As Option in Settlement Agreements

Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon has ordered that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) begin to accept compensation in lieu of reinstatement in all cases of unlawful discharge or layoff. Prior to this, “front pay,” as it’s known, was only done in side letters, outside the reach of the NLRB. Statistics show that this appears to be a reflection of a trend of declining rates of acceptance of reinstatement offers.

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