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Sex Offenders, Drugs, and Union Contracts

As time goes on, more unintended consequences of Michigan’s Proposal 2 are becoming apparent.

Sometimes known as the “Trojan horse amendment,” Prop 2 would enshrine collective bargaining into Michigan’s constitution, making it impossible for elected legislators to institute Right to Work laws without another amendment. According to Michigan’s Attorney General, Prop 2 would invalidate 170 laws on the books that “limit collective bargaining” by instituting reforms.

Two new commercials running in Michigan show that reversing these reforms could have dangerous consequences.

Michigan’s Public Act 103 does not allow bargaining on policies for teacher discipline. Opponents of Prop 2 say that the law would be invalidated if the amendment is approved, and bizarrely lax discipline policies could wind up in teachers union contracts.

They’ve provided a case in point. According to MLive:

According to page 92 of the [Bay City teachers union] contract, a teacher who came intoxicated to school grounds would receive a written reprimand and counseling on the first offense. Each subsequent offense earns increasing suspensions, with termination after the fifth offense.

Distributing drugs or alcohol in class would earn a teacher a three-day suspension without pay on the first offense, with termination on the second.

By the way–the Bay City teachers union has given $40,000 to the group supporting Prop 2.

A second commercial, “Student Safety,” notes that criminal background checks might also be on the bargaining table, which would not allow school districts to ensure that felons are not on the payroll. The commercial specifically highlights allegations of teachers sexually abusing children.

Just add this to the growing list of problems with Prop 2.

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