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Cops called in to quiet rowdy teachers union chief trying to skip out on his restaurant tab

I love every single sentence of this story. You simply must click through to read the whole thing. Some choice bits:

Cops booted an unruly group of city teachers union officials from a posh Albany eatery after they caused a ruckus over their dinner tab, the Daily News has learned.

Paul Egan, the union’s political and legislative director, set off the fracas – claiming the quail he was served, and finished, wasn’t large enough – sources said.

After being convinced by the fuzz to pay his tab, Egan then tried to figure out if he could stiff the working Joes who manned his party’s three tables:

Officers told Egan the dispute was a civil matter and ordered him to pay the bill – to which he followed up by asking if he was required to leave a tip, sources said.

Ah, union bosses. Friends of the working man! Perhaps the best part of this story is that Egan has actually done this before:

“He’s done this more than once, though he never got escorted out by the police before that I know of,” the source said.

The source recounted Egan loudly complaining during a Christmas-time lunch that he didn’t get enough meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

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