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SEIU First Party

In Politico:

“We have no intention at the SEIU of making a threat and not doing something about it,” he said. Among the Democrats targeted for retribution are Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln, North Carolina Rep. Larry Kissell and Pennsylvania Rep. Jason Altmire. “I think Blanche Lincoln is ‘Example A’ of the frustration we feel about people who we don’t think represented Arkansan workers, Arkansan SEIU members and Arkansans about their issues,” he said. […]

House and Senate Democratic leaders have appealed to Stern and other SEIU officials to reconsider their tactics, given the already poisonous political atmosphere this cycle. Stern said he understands “that’s their job,” but the union won’t budge. “We’re not lap dogs for a political party. We are watchdogs for our members,”

You did hear him right.

And is other weird news. Andy Stern mentions North Carolina’s Kissell as a target.  Well the local SEIU has taken action in the most realistic way possible. They’ve started their own political party.

You heard that right too.

It’s called “North Carolina First Party”, because I think that “SEIU First Party” was already taken.

Image courtesy of mickeymox.

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