Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

ACORN folds, fall from the tree.

ACORN is folding.

The Washington Post reported yesterday that ACORN was on the verge of bankruptcy, and today, an official said an email statement that ACORN will be bringing its activities to a close.  I wonder what the SEIU will do now that an organization that houses some of their locals, trains staff, conducts voter registration, and many other activities, is closing its doors.  The SEIU, which has put millions into ACORN over the last few years will have extra revenue to put towards other things now.

Somehow I’m left thinking that the greatest trick the devil ever did was convincing the world he doesn’t exists.

Coming to your neighborhood soon: the Coalition of Neighborhood Groups for Change Immediately–CNGCI for short. I know, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue like ACORN, but you get the picture.

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