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Transparent Hypocrisy at the DOL

This morning the Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) emailed me asking for comments and ideas “to help increase transparency, collaboration, and participation within DOL as part of the White House Open Government Initiative.”

The OLMS is the same agency that just rescinded a regulation requiring transparency in union slush funds (using the “T-1” form). In fact, OLMS was so concerned that unions would be forced to file their first T-1 this month that they promulgated an emergency rule to eliminate the regulation. The result is that unions members and others will never get a chance to see how much money unions have in their rainy-day accounts or where it is.

So here’s my idea. The DOL wants to be collaborative. They’ve set up an “open” forum asking for ideas until March 19th.

I think your voice should be heard.

Image courtesy of the U.S Chamber of Commerce. The above document is the result of the Chamber’s request for information from the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

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