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SEIU’s Andy Stern Sends Love Letter To UNITE HERE’s John Wilhelm

asjwJust because I enjoy following the seemingly never-ending dispute between the SEIU and UNITE HERE, here are some excerpts from Andy Stern’s bold letter to John Wilhelm:

Dear John:

Over the past few months, you have charged that Workers United and SEIU have been engaged in raiding activity against your union. This is false. …

We have repeatedly called on you to bring forward your evidence, and permit the Change to Win procedures to resolve charges of raiding to resolve this matter. If you truly believe that SEIU is engaged in “raiding” activity, why would you not bring this forward for a hearing? It would seem that if your allegations are true, this would certainly prove your claims against Workers United and SEIU.

However, your continued public attack of this union and your unwillingness to bring evidence of your allegations before an independent panel suggests bad faith. We can only assume that you have been advised that most if not all of your blanket charges of raiding are NOT true and you would likely lose before an independent body.

Stern continues to push for Wilhelm to capitulate by giving into this “hearing” (binding arbitration) he proposed, which Wilhelm and other labor leaders have already rejected.

Stern goes on to admonish Wilhelm, essentially blaming him for labor’s inability to get their priorities (EFCA) passed:

This is not the battle we need to be fighting right now, John.

Right now, your members and ours are suffering from the effects of the economic crisis, and they are at real risk of being left behind in the slow moving recovery. Hardworking women and men get up each day wondering if they will still have their pension, their benefits, or even their jobs.

The level of snarkiness is palpable just from Stern’s signature line in which he writes, “In solidarity, Andy Stern.” I doubt  this letter is going to resolve anything between the two union leaders.

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