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New Million Dollar Ad Campaign Urges Sen. Ben Nelson to Stop the Employee Free Choice Act

Today, the Employee Freedom Action Committee (EFAC) opened a new front in the campaign to stop the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), by releasing TV ads in Nebraska urging Democratic Senator Ben Nelson not to compromise on EFCA. The campaign is scheduled to move beyond Nebraska next week. The bill is currently pending before Congress.

This new ad campaign comes as Democratic leaders are poised to send a compromise bill to Congress. The compromise is widely expected to amend EFCA’s card check and binding arbitration provisions. Regardless of the particulars of the compromise, this bill will still be a tremendous blow to workers’ rights.

“The ad campaign is designed to urge Nebraskans to tell Ben Nelson to oppose closing debate on the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act,” said Rick Berman, Executive Director of EFAC. “This bill will take control out of the hands of employees in the workplace and allow outside parties to have tremendous control over private businesses through binding arbitration.”

The television ads are scheduled to begin airing tomorrow across the state. The text of both ads is below:



Joe: Well, I know we’ve talked about the review, and I think I deserve a five percent raise.

Boss: Joe, I agree.

Union Guy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s not what he wants. What he wants is a two percent raise, plus funeral benefits, guaranteed smoke breaks, and triple overtime for Superbowl Sunday.

Joe (flabbergasted): Funeral benefits?! I don’t care about that stuff. I want a five percent raise.
Union Guy to Boss: If we don’t get this stuff, our member Joe here is just going to have to go out on strike.

Boss: Strike?!

VO: Union bosses want federal bureaucrats to take away your personal rights. Call Senator Nelson and tell him there’s no compromise on the Employee Forced Choice Act.

1 in 20


VO: Only five percent of Nebraska’s business workforce is unionized. Why are 95 percent of us union free? Because we know better. Most people know that unionization means a loss of personal control.

Lady 1: Hundreds in union dues.

Lady 2: The possibility of strikes.

Man: And a less competitive company.

Call Senator Ben Nelson today and tell him to protect your personal rights on the job and stop passage on the Employee Forced Choice Act.

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