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SEIU’s Amazing Hypocrisy On EFCA

The Daily News ran an editorial making similar arguments that I’ve made here about how the SEIU’s conflict with other unions is exactly why EFCA cannot be passed.

The SEIU is asking for the federal government to intervene against the NUHW, charging that signing a petition is not a good indication of what workers actually want. Hmmm, does that sound familiar?

Here’s what The Daily News had to say:

The SEIU’s argument for federal intervention is particularly ironic. It maintains that the nearly 100,000 California members who signed cards indicating their wish to be represented by the National Union of Healthcare Workers may have been subject to intimidation by NUHW organizers. This is the same reasoning used by opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act. They contend that elections by secret ballot are necessary because workers can be pressured by union activists into signing authorization cards.

The rest of the editorial goes on to point out the flaws with EFCA. It’s good to see that others are starting to pick up on the amazing display of hypocrisy by the SEIU as it continues to fight with the NUHW and UNITE HERE.

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