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UAW Disputing Property Tax On Its $33 Million Golf Course

The Detroit News ran an editorial criticizing the UAW for disputing the tax assessment of its $33 million Black Lake golf resort with the local township:

The UAW still owns and operates a $33 million posh golf resort on Black Lake near Cheboygan that ostensibly serves as an education center but provides an elegant getaway for union leadership.

And now the union is appealing to the state Tax Tribunal for $3 million in property tax relief from Waverly Township, disputing the assessment of the property. If the UAW wins, schools will be hurt.

“Once again, the next generation is getting cheated out of a quality education — a chance at a brighter future — because the UAW doesn’t want to pay its fair share of taxes,” Drain Commissioner Dennis Lennox said.

The editorial also points out that the UAW has lost $23 million over the past five years on its “education center.” It’s assuring to know that while the UAW facilitates the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, it still finds time to dispute its property taxes.

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