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SEIU In Trouble…Again.

When the SEIU is not busy fighting its protracted war with UNITE HERE, it finds time to duel with the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). It recently spent nearly $10 million to organize 10,000 health care workers in Fresno, CA. The SEIU also – not surprisingly –  allegedly committed acts of vandalism and intimidation against workers in its organization campaign against NUHW.

Now the NUHW is retaliating, filing an official complaint with the National Labor Relations Board alleging prohibited ties between the SEIU and Bank of America.

The NUHW charges that Bank of America offered the SEIU at least $88 million in prohibited loans. Federal law prohibits any loans, gifts, and other financial ties between a company and the unions attempting to organize that company’s employees. The $88 million in loans from Bank of America can be found here (look for Schedule 9)

The SEIU has a tangled relationship with Bank of America, which garnered criticism for its hypocrisy. The union has taken out millions in loans from the bank while protesting its compensation and lending practices and attempting to organize its workers.

The NUHW says “the law is designed to keep unions from being influenced by employers and prevent unions from shaking down companies where they are trying to organize workers.”

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