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Another Day, Another Democrat Comes Out Against EFCA

Rick Dantzler, a former Democratic state legislator in Florida, announced his opposition to EFCA today.

Dantzler, who served in both houses of the Florida legislature, joined a growing number of Democrats who oppose EFCA.

Here’s what Dantzler had to say:

“I just can’t figure out why anyone would support eliminating a worker’s right to cast a secret ballot”, said former State Senator Rick Dantzler. “It’s not fair to the employee, and it’s not fair to the employer.” …

“Proponents believe the measure would result in more unionized workplaces, but the ends don’t justify the means”, Dantzler continued. “The process established in law for holding union elections should be neutral and should create an equal playing field. I’m sympathetic to the plight of labor, but the EFCA simply goes too far.”

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