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SEIU Wants Higher Taxes In CA

ca-flagHere’s further proof that public sector unions don’t care who foots the bill as long as they survive. The SEIU announced that they will spend $1 million to promote new taxes in California:

The state’s biggest labor union is launching a $1-million TV advertising campaign promoting new taxes on the oil, tobacco and liquor industries in hopes of dissuading lawmakers from adopting the deep social services cuts proposed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The SEIU wants to utilize the revenues from potential tax increases to prevent likely budget cuts that will affect many of their unionized workers. The union claims that their polls show Californians would support higher taxes and fees on industries like oil and products like alcohol and tobacco.

Of course we know that the SEIU only cares that the taxpayers pay more to ensure that the union can continue to collect dues from their members.

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