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New Report Shows EFCA Would Line Labor’s Pockets

A new report by the Workforce Fairness Institute finds that passing EFCA would produce a windfall in union dues for labor bosses to spend on political activities.

Unions would stand to gain an additional $320 million more to spend on political activities in year ten alone with a ten year total of $1.75 billion, according to a report put together by the anti-EFCA Workforce Fairness Institute (WFI).

The WFI report is being generous in its report. It reaches the $1.75 billion figure by taking a conservative estimate of $425 in annual dues from each member with five percent earmarked to political activity. Using a “high-end” estimate of $943 in annual dues with 15 percent earmarked for political funds, the WFI found that over $2.1 billion in additional funds would be available for unions.

Taking into consideration that unions spent over $400 million in the 2008 election, this is a tremendous sum of money to fill the labor bosses’ coffers with.

Believe it or not, unions have a bottom line. And the bottom line is simple: more union members = more dues. It only goes to show that EFCA is nothing but a power grab by the unions

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