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Stern, Raynor Write Facetious Letter About Labor Civil War

SEIU President Andy Stern, former UNITE HERE president-turned-Workers United President Bruce Raynor, and Edgar Romney, the Secretary-Treasurer of Workers United, wrote an open letter to labor unions decrying the UNITE HERE/SEIU-Workers United conflict.

While it’s amusing to read the three proclaim their innocence and abscond themselves of any blame for wrongdoing (that’s not to say that John Wilhelm and his faction at UNITE HERE should escape blame for their role), it’s interesting to note that Stern and his compatriots call again for binding arbitration to settle the civil war.

Stern called for binding arbitration earlier in this conflict. Wilhelm offered a scathing response, which happened to point out the perils with binding arbitration:

“No International Union has ever submitted its very future – its membership, its organizing jurisdiction, and its financial resources – to arbitration.”

That’s good to know. If binding arbitration is not good enough for unions to resolve differences, it’s certainly not good enough for business owners and employees.

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