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Card Check Is Still Alive

Investor’s Business Daily has an insightful editorial about how card check is not dead. The paper argues that card check is actually alive and well. Even Senator Tom Harkin – the sponsor of card check – said earlier this week that the bill was still alive and kicking.

The editorial outlines labor’s shift in its strategy to pass the bill. Instead of taking the case to voters, labor has decided to “put the squeeze on Congress.” They have intensified their lobbying efforts that target wavering members like Senators Dianne Feinstein of California, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

Labor has also shifted to a new direction in its grassroots efforts, creating the so-called “Business Leaders for a Fair Economy” group. The organization claims to have 1,000 business members who favor card check. Yet hardly any of the actual listed members are major employers that would be affected by card check.

The lobbying effort on specifically targeted Senators and the “sudden appearance of a ‘business group’ that inexplicably supports card check” indicates that the debate on card check is far from over. Labor is now focused on squeezing individual members of Congress instead of trying to win the public debate.

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