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SEIU Owes $924K For Protection From Union


The Oso Group, a security services firm, filed a federal lawsuit against the SEIU, claiming the union owes the company over $924,000 for security services. Never mind the fact that the SEIU spent over $924,000 of its union members’ dues for security. The more important question: why exactly did SEIU officials need “24-hour, seven day a week security, surveillance, and protection service”?

The SEIU contracted with The Oso Group for security services earlier this year when the SEIU sought to assert and solidify control over one of its local affiliates, SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW). According to the SEIU, UHW leadership actively resisted SEIU’s takeover and allegedly instructed members to “destroy, damage, or transfer UHW documents, records, and other UHW property.” SEIU leaders apparently feared possible violence and retaliation from the UHW. They claimed that UHW leaders told their members to physically resist and impede the SEIU and even harass and threaten other UHW employees and staff who supported the SEIU takeover.

SEIU officials feared for their security, which led to hiring The Oso Group for the aforementioned 24-hour, seven day a week plus surveillance service from the firm. Parf of the security contract also included “executive protection and drivers” for the “upper echelon of SEIU leadership” who were visiting California at the time.

We’ve already discussed at length about the SEIU’s feud with UNITE HERE. But hiring the equivalent of a Secret Service detail to protect labor bosses from possible retribution fears (from other unions nonetheless!) is a good indicator of what type of tactics and practices the SEIU is willing to put into play.

Just try to imagine how SEIU and other unions will operate if card check is passed into law.

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