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Missouri and Florida House Vote To Protect Secret Ballot

Yesterday, both the Florida and Missouri House of Representatives passed constitututional amendments to uphold secret ballot elections.

In Florida, the House passed the proposed constitutional amendment 74-44. A similar measure remains in committee in the Senate. If approved, the constitutional amendment will go on the ballot in 2010.

In Missouri, the House approved the constitutional amendment 83-74. If it clears the Senate, the constitutional amendment will be up for voter approval.

michaeljpgInteresting note: some of the legislators who voted against protecting the secret ballot were union members. For example, Rep. Michael Frame of Eureka, MO: “We’re right, they’re wrong. We have the truth, they have a bunch of lies.” The Kansas City Star was diligent enough to report that “according to his official biography, Frame is employed by Service Employees International Union Local-1.”

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