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News Roundup: EFCA’s ‘undecided’ co-sponsor

timjohnsonA long article analyzes the fight in South Dakota over Sen. Tim Johnson’s vote. SD is a right-to-work state and votes Republican in presidential elections, but Johnson, a Democrat, is still popular and was reelected just last year. Even though he’s an EFCA co-sponsor, Johnson remarked about EFCA, “I’m undecided about that.”

Roll Call has an op-ed against EFCA from Harry Alford, the president of the Black Chamber of Commerce. It’s an interesting read exploring an angle that hasn’t gotten much play. Among other arguments, Alford also cites CUF’s data on the number of unfair labor practice complaints that have been filed against unions, reminding that “African-Americans, in particular, have bitter memories of voter intimidation and have a responsibility to stand up against any proposition that will take away their democratic voting rights.

The Financial Times has more analysis of SEIU’s campaign to get the CEO of Bank of America fired. The article notes that this campaign comes while unions are trying to organize Bank of America workers. Change to Win also has its own proxy campaign underway in preparation for the bank’s shareholder meeting on April 29. With large unions pounding away, whether or not SEIU and CtW are successful here could prove an opportunity to gauge how strong unions are as they unite on immigration reform and EFCA.

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