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News Roundup: How to [not] steal an election

The San Francisco Chronicle has a back-and-forth with an EFCA supporter and an EFCA opponent. It’s nice to see our study showing that employers only fired workers improperly in 2.7% of organizing campaigns making more waves . In his analysis of EFCA, Carter Wood over at ShopFloor also cited our study of the length of time between employees submitting an election petition and voting.

Some new updates on the Teamsters trial in Illinois. The court heard testimony on Wednesday that irregularities were noticed early on by an election officiate. Later, a Department of Labor investigator testified that he was tipped off by bad punctuation to alterations in a union database. Prosecutors say the defendants altered the addresses to which some of the secret ballots were sent in order to mail ballots to their friends and relatives. Three people, including the former local president, have already plead guilty and are assisting prosecutors.

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