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Lies, Damn Lies, and Union Polls

A couple new polls this week, including one from Gallup that unions are sure to latch on to.

Yesterday a new Rasmussen poll asked Americans if they would like to join a union. The results are a reminder of why union bosses are afraid of democratic elections:

only nine percent (9%) of non-union workers would like to join a union. Eighty-one percent (81%) would not.

It’s hard to win an election if fewer than 1 in 10 voters support you… Instead of replacing secret ballots with intimidation and deceit, maybe union bosses could try some new tactics, like not embezzling millions of dollars and bankrupting entire industries.

The second poll is from Gallup, and is a perfect example of meaningless statistics. The poll asked this question:

Generally speaking, would you favor or oppose a new law that would make it easier for labor unions to organize workers?

A slim majority, 53% of respondents, said they would favor such a law. So what does this say about Americans’ support of EFCA? Absolutely nothing. Even Gallup admits that the question is “not necessarily indicative of public reaction to the bill.”

More troubling for unions is that only a tiny majority supports this concept without any of the details given.¬†When you consider that Americans overwhelmingly oppose the elimination of the secret ballot, it’s clear that with EFCA, the devil is in the details.

The Employee Free Choice Act isn’t a “general” bill. It’s a piece of real legislation with real provisions, like the section specifically barring the NLRB from calling an election. The only legitimate data in this Gallup poll is right at the end:

Those most closely following news about the union-organizing bill are the most opposed to the general concept of a law making it easier for unions to organize: just 40% are in favor; 58% are opposed. The bill enjoys its highest support – 58% – among those not following the bill at all.

The more you know about EFCA, the less likely you are to support EFCA.

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