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News Roundup:Binding Arbitration, EFCA, and SEIU

The D.C. Examiner says that EFCA could mean Nixon-style wage and price controls through binding arbitration. Nice insight Examiner!

Some Democrats are open to compromise on EFCA.

An SEIU officer’s finances are brought under scrutiny in California.

The NBA looks ahead of time at labor negotiations in the next two years.

A retired union leader opposes card check:

“Doing away with the secret ballot is not good for the unions. It’s not good for any business. … Open voting creates an atmosphere of intimidation. It creates an atmosphere where people will use your opinion against you. I’ve seen the threats and I’ve actually seen the physical conflict, if you know what I mean, come from the business side and from the union side,” Catlett said. “I just don’t see how any process that is not private will protect the worker.”

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