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News Roundup: Obama, SEIU, and EFCA

Obama tells union bosses that the Employee Free Choice Act will pass.

Paul Kersey at the Mackinac Center says that taxpayers are paying union dues and fees.

SEIU UHW is filing a lawsuit in California against Sal Roselli and other former officers of UHW.  Some of the charges include:

the theft of UHW property;

the wholesale destruction of UHW documents and records;

the extended occupation of UHW buildings, which former UHW officers and employees used to further damage UHW property and records;

the misappropriation of UHW proprietary membership email lists and other records, which former UHW officers and employees have used to try to raid UHW members for their new organization; and

a widespread and coordinated campaign of intimidation against employees who chose to work for UHW after the trusteeship, which some former UHW staff employees or their agents have carried out by threatening UHW staff with physical violence, harassing anonymous phone calls, and vandalism of their automobiles.

Union infighting is threatening EFCA:  “A new joke is making the rounds in union circles: Organized labor is an oxymoron.”

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