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News Roundup: SEIU, UNITE HERE, and Michigan

SEIU/UHW are locking horns. Unfair labor practices have been filed and elections for the moment are on hold.

SEIU is spending big bucks to get Sara Feigenholtz to take Rahm Emanuel’s empty seat.  Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley and State Rep. John Fritchey commented on the move:

“Every poll I’ve heard or seen, we’re ahead,” Quigley said. “We’ve been outspent. We’re winning, we’ll be outspent.”

“It’s obvious that [SEIU] thinks this is an election that can be decided by dollars rather than by issues,” Fritchey said. “But it’s the same strategy that they used to elect Rod Blagojevich twice.”

A textbook example of current card check use: Two hotels in San Francisco have not agreed to a card check election.  In response, UNITE HERE is organizing a boycott.   The Local 2 is also planning rallies and marches.  How about planning a vote instead?  Why is the local UNITE HERE so afraid of letting the workers have a democratic voice?

Ford and the UAW reach a tentative agreement on health care.

Michigan’s Senate passed a resolution urging its congressional delegation to vote against EFCA.

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