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News Roundup: Power struggles, EFCA, and trouble in the Magic Kingdom

Progress Illinois, which is sponsored by SEIU’s Illinois state council, reports that Wal-Mart is doing well and could help the unemployment situation in Chicago with new stores.  Nonetheless, Wal-Mart must be stopped.  Wow…

Trouble in the Magic Kingdom: Disney locks horns with the UFCW.

UNITE HERE is facing an internal power struggle. SEIU president Andy Stern suggests that UNITE HERE should merge with SEIU to end the division.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal calls EFCA the “Holy Grail for labor bosses.”

The Charleston Daily Mail is surprised by their representatives’ vote for taking away secret ballots.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press says, “First, government workers providing taxpay-funded services ought not to be unionized in the first place.  And second, the private sector –which represents the overwhelming majority of workers — simply is not rushing to unions.”  So why the urgency for EFCA?

Update: Michael Whitney over at the SEIU emailed me the following:

You write “SEIU admits that Wal-Mart is doing well…”. But the blog to which you link is an independent publication not affiliated with SEIU. The state council sponsors part of the website but the views expressed there are solely those of their authors and not the international union or the state council.

I updated the post to reflect his comment.

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