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More Newspapers come out against EFCA; Trouble Brewing with CA SEIU

UHW and SEIU continue to duke it out in California.  A former union organizer gives his take.

More editorials come out against EFCA:

The D.C. Examiner says that EFCA is losing steam on Capital Hill and “thank goodness”.

Provo’s Daily Herald and the Las Vegas Review-Journal come out against EFCA.

New Orleans Times-Picayune takes a stand: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act thumbs up; EFCA thumbs down.

Grand Rapids Press says, “The act strikes at the heart of a basic tenet of democratic elections…”

Washington Times says that EFCA still a concern but on the “back burner” with economic recovery legislation on the forefront.

“[EFCA is] Opposed to the level playing field that the current law offers…,” writes The Greenville News.

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