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SEIU: “We’re going to keep working with the U.S. Attorney”

That’s about all Andy Stern will say regarding the SEIU’s involvement in Blagojevich’s pay-for-play scheme. In fact, you can hear him repeat it over and over again during yesterday’s Talk of the Nation.

Responding to our ad in The New York Times yesterday, the SEIU was equally non-responsive to Lou Dobbs:

The SEIU calls the ad a quote, “distraction”. And without responding directly to the charges made in the ad, the union released the following statement. Quote, “the SEIU will continue working with President-elect Obama, the new Congress, and activists all around this country to help bring change that works to America.” Part of that change would be the Employee Free Choice Act, which would eliminate secret ballots and union organizing efforts.

I bet it was a distraction!

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