Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Union boss: Citizens didn’t vote for democracy so workers don’t need to vote for a union


Jack McKay, president of the Eastern Maine Labor Council, took time away from a pro-EFCA rally to explain why the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that will take away an employee’s right to a private ballot, should be law in the United States.

Mr. McKay compares the formation of a workplace union without a private ballot to the formation of the Maine legislature or the Iraqi democracy. According to McKay’s philosophy, a union should be instituted in any workplace, no matter what the employees of the businesses think. The union, which has power to collect union dues from your paycheck, negotiate on your behalf with management and use your money to donate to political parties, can all be put into power without a say from the workers.

The right to a private ballot is fundamental to a democracy. Anti-worker union bosses like Jack McKay believe that there is no need for a private ballot because the union bosses know what is best for every employee. No employee will have a private ballot to cast his or her choice on what would be best for them or their family.

It is important that the right to a private ballot is kept for all workers in the United States. Each worker should have the opportunity to hear both sides of the debate and make an educated and private choice. If the Employee Free Choice Act is passed, union bosses like Jack McKay will be able to influence workers’ decisions by demanding a public “card check” that an employee will have to sign, publicly, announcing their decision on unionization.

Mainers for Employee Freedom will once again ask: Congressman Allen, why do you support taking away a worker’s right to a private ballot?

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