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Why Did Brian Melendez Cross The Road?


To avoid debating EFCA.

As readers know, Minnesota DFL Party Chairman Brian Melendez responded to our invitation to debate EFCA with a frivolous legal complaint, one which was dismissed last week.

In honor of Mr. Melendez’ refusal to debate the issue, or even respond to our invitation, we conducted the First Annual Brian Melendez Cluck Like a Chicken Contest at the Minnesota State Fair. 

Having been called “liars” by Mr. Melendez, we’re certainly sensitive to labeling someone a “chicken;”  the Scarlet C is a difficult stain to wash away.  But that’s really the only name for a person who refuses to debate important policy issues while filing frivolous legal complaints and attempting to sully the names and reputations of their opponents.

We will continue to highlight this important issue while calling out those, like Mr. Melendez, who try to silence those with whom they disagree while refusing to debate the merits of the legislation.

Stay Tuned.  More to Come.  Cluck.  Cluck.

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