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Union Members Agree: Voting is THE Way to Go


The Minnesota State Fair, in addition to ranking as the nation’s 2nd largest, is a wonderful place for politics and policy issues.  There you find politicians away from the tight grasp of their handlers freely mixing with Minnesotans.  Additionally, dozens of groups are there to raise the profile of their issues.

We used the opportunity to talk to groups and politicians about EFCA.  In fact, we decided to talk with some folks in the union movement about democracy.  We presented them with an idea of ours about replacing elections with a card check system. The text of our “card” is below:

 I hearby authorize Al Franken to represent me in the United States Senate for the next six years.  This card replaces the traditional method of selecting representatives formerly known as “voting.”

As you see in the above clip, our union friends weren’t too crazy about the idea.  They gave eloquent, persuasive arguments about the critical nature of elections…pretty much the same ones we’ve been making in opposing EFCA.

Thanks folks.

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