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WSJ Letter: The Ds should stand up for Democracy

Here’s a letter we had in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

The Democratic Party should heed Mr. McGovern’s advice and stand up for the very principle embodied in their name by renouncing their support of a law which would effectively eliminate secret ballots for union organizing.

Labor unions say the bill is necessary to combat employer stall tactics that open employees to intimidation and coercion. But, in fact, the NLRB reports that in 2005 the average union election occurred within 39 days of receiving an employees’ petition. Similarly, NLRB data reveal that less than 3% of organizational campaigns result in an employee being illegally fired. While these employers should certainly be punished, and they are, it is hardly a cause for shelving 60 years of labor law that has supported secret ballot voting.

J. Justin Wilson
Managing Director
Employee Freedom Action Committee

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