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Tricky Dick (Durbin) spins NLRB elections

Yesterday on FOX News, Sen. Dick Durbin suggested that the NLRB secret ballot election process goes on “literally for years” because there are “appeals.”

In actually, the NLRB reports that the average time between submitting an election petition and holding an election is 39 days. And 94 percent of elections occur within 56 days of submitting a petition to the NLRB. Finally, of the 6 percent of elections that take longer than 56 days, the vast bulk of them are held up by unions—most likely in an attempt to stall for more time because they fear a loss, which would prevent them from returning to the business for a year.

Putting that aside, consider his reasoning for the delays: appeals. Imagine that, 70 years of labor law allows both unions and businesses to appeal an election’s outcome if there was improper activity. Doesn’t that sound terrible? Would Durbin also like to eliminate appeals in the justice system? Or what about repealing vote recounts for close elections? I seem to remember his party crowing about that a few years ago.

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