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Al Franken Porks Out, Ducks Questions About The EFCA


Last week at a huge agriculture get-together in MN known as Farmfest, Al Franken repeatedly ducked and dodged all questions about the Employee Free Choice Act. As recently as three weeks ago, Franken proudly proclaimed his support for EFCA, yet at Farmfest, he ducked the question twice.

Franken had time to chow down on two rather large pork chops on a stick and talk to fellow EFCA supporter, Congressman Tim Walz, but no time to answer questions about EFCA and the devastating impact it would have on the workplace rights of workers in rural Minnesota.

I’m sure Al realizes that the union boss agenda doesn’t play very well in greater Minnesota, so I guess he changes it when he goes on the road. Maybe he’ll have yet another answer next time we catch him in the Twin Cities.

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