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Moose, Rocco, Help Ashwin With His EFCA Statement


With apologies to Rodney Dangerfield and Caddyshack, the title of this post gets it right: Ashwin Madia’s union buddies clearly helped him get his answer “right” on EFCA. 

Following Madia’s evasions and the embarrassing spectacle of him literally running away from us now making its way across the Internet, I’m sure Madia’s union sponsors were none too pleased with him.

After their significant investment of time and money, I’m guessing they wanted to see their talking points coming from Ashwin’s mouth.  Verbatim. 

The really cool thing about the video: You can’t even see the strings holding up Ashwin as he dances to the unions’ tune.  It’s about as wooden, and about as sincere, as a hostage video.

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