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Musgrove: $55,000 from Labor Unions in Just 5 Months

Former Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove’s campaign for US Senate accepted $55,000 in contributions in just 5 months from labor unions. Why the big splash of cash? Musgrove is supporting the bogus “Employee Free Choice Act”, according to the Washington newspaper, The Hill

EFCA will allow for unions organizers to bypass a private ballot by workers in favor of a public “card-check”. This card need only be signed by a simple majority of workers. Union organizers are free to go to workers homes or corner them on their lunch break and pressure them in the presence of their peers to sign up for the union. Once 50% sign the card, the unionization can begin with no vote.  If the other half of the employees want a private election – too bad.

According to the article 79% of likely voters oppose the “card-check” scheme of unionization, including 78% of Democrats.  But for Gov. Musgrove, when money talks, private ballots take a walk.

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