Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Chellie Pingree admits her support for public ballots


Chellie Pingree, Maine’s 1st district Congressional candidate, makes no secret she supports the Employee “Free Choice” Act. It is always easier to say you support something without letting your constituents know what the bill will actually do. The Employee “Free Choice” Act will take away a worker’s right to a private ballot, but Chellie dodges that question by saying it is more complicated. The bill, which is co-sponsored by Representative Tom Allen, coincidentally the seat Pingree is campaigning to take over, will make voting on whether to unionize a public showcase. With 92% of Mainers opposed to card-check, Big Labor funded politicians have to toe the line in their support for EFCA.

We will be looking forward to talking to Chellie Pingree more about the Employee “Free Choice” Act in the future.

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