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Mobbed-up union boss sentenced to 57 months of hard time

Last week ATU Local 1181 former president Salvatore “Hotdogs” Battaglia—I couldn’t make up a better name if I tried—was sentenced to 57 months in jail for “racketeering based on the extortion of money from  companies operating school buses under contract with the New York City department of Education.”

The North Country Gazette reports that Mr. Hotdogs was in deep with the Genovese Crime Family. According to the Gazette:

Using both his union status and his organized crime status to induce payment, Battaglia collected and received illegal payments of tens of thousands of dollars from bus company owners and operators whose employees were, or could have become, members of Local 1181. During his guilty plea proceeding, Battaglia admitted that, as president of Local 1181, he engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity including extorting three different bus company owners, and that “these individuals were victims of extortion in that they had fear of economic harm that if they didn’t make the payments, the union would hurt them and their business in some way.”


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