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Coloradans Hold Udall Accountable for EFCA Support

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I came across two great letters to the editor in Colorado this week holding Democratic Senate candidate Mark Udall accountable for his unconscionable support of the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act.

Mark Davidson wrote in today’s Denver Post:

There has been nothing coy about Democratic candidates’ courtship of big labor this election year. Colorado’s own senatorial candidate, Congressman Mark Udall, has been one of the leading suitors.

And why wouldn’t Udall and other Democrats support union leaders when they are estimated to spend millions of dollars on political campaigns this election cycle? Of course, union chiefs are making sure their political puppets give them something in return and this year they’re after support for the deceptively named federal Employee Free Choice Act.

Currently, our laws allow employees a private-ballot election when deciding whether to unionize. But EFCA would ban elections and replace them with an easily corruptible and public method called “card check.” If card check becomes law, workers will lose their right to privacy while crooked union bosses will get more dues dollars from hard-working Americans.

That’s a bad deal, and Mark Udall should be ashamed for supporting it.

And Lois Dunn wrote in the Grand Junction Sentinel:

How unfortunate is it that the Democratic Party has decided to overlook the best interests of working-class voters and eliminate democracy in the workplace?

Virtually every Democratic candidate this year, including Mark Udall and Barack Obama, are pushing for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), which is a massive handout to organized labor. EFCA would eliminate the private-ballot vote when unionizing a workplace and put in place a system where workers could be intimidated and pressured into signing petitions for unionization.

This system would allow union-membership — and thus union revenue from dues dollars — to soar nationwide. Those dues dollars would be funneled right back into the campaigns of the unions’ Democratic supporters.

Udall should join the 87 percent of Americans who oppose this legislation and support supervised private ballot elections instead of pandering to his union funders.

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