Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Truth is Lost in Translation for Card Check

It was bound to happen: international labor groups defamed U.S. employers as they enjoyed their time at the AFL-CIO’s let’s-bash-America shindig this week. To wit, the labor group UNI regurgitated American labor’s bogus claim that tens of thousands of employees are fired during secret ballot organizing elections:

Last year 30,000 workers were sacked for seeking to join a union in the United States 

But that number refers to every single working American who received any amount of backpay for an employer’s labor violationthe real number is a tiny fraction of that figure. Maybe it’s a problem with converting to the metric system.

Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney let loose this equally dubious hyperbole:

“Corporations are sinking to new lows in the United States, thwarting workers’ freedom to form unions at every turn, and our nation’s labor laws are helpless to stop them”

Suuuuuuure … that must be the only reason people don’t want to join unions.

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