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When Will UNITE HERE and Change To Win Learn?

Gosh, those guys at UNITE HERE and their Change To Win federation have a lot of gall. Just one day after the Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Peter Bronson took the union to school for its failed campaign against laundry company Cintas, the labor groups were back to their propaganda machine. In a post on Change To Win’s blog, “Chris” writes:

On March 6, Eleazar Torres Gomez was working in a Cintas automated washroom in Tulsa. He was caught on a conveyor and dragged into an industrial dryer—where he was trapped in temperatures up to 300 degrees for at least 20 minutes. He died on the scene of trauma and thermal injuries.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that poor fellow worked for a horrible company. But the unions are leaving out some important facts. The Enquirer had already reported:

But Gomez was caught in machinery and pushed into a dryer after he climbed onto a conveyer to clear a logjam of wet laundry – a violation of training and safety rules.

The paper also noted “the Cintas safety record, which is 30 percent better than the industry average.”

It’s pretty bad when union officials are mis-using a person’s death and their own negligence to further a (failed) organizing campaign. No wonder “Chris” doesn’t sign a last name to his posts.

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