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Unions Cook Up Kettle of PR B.S.

Kettle Chips, which happen to come from my neck of the woods, are about the tastiest snack I can think of. Less appetizing is a load of chipped-up spin coming from scorned union officials, who were voted down in a drubbing by Kettle employees. A supporter of UNITE HERE — there must be very few of those given its unbelievably terrible record of representing employees — says over at the U.K. Guardian’s website:

Kettle Foods have been left with a bad taste in their mouth. They recently brought in a subsidiary of US union busters, the Burke Group, to advise them on how to stop the Unite union organising workers at their Norwich factory. They eventually won the battle – and workers voted 206 to 93 – to keep Unite out of negotiating for the workers. But, while this was going on, something totally unexpected happened. Two people – one a Guardian reader – set up separate groups on Facebook – Boycott Kettle Crisps for attacks on workers and Boycott Kettle Chips: the Anti-Trade Union Snack.

Now, even after keeping trade unions out, the two groups continue to attract support and nearly 1,000 people in the UK, the US and Australia have pledged to refuse to buy another packet.

Now, I’m just a simple caveman lawyer, but in this case I think the actual vote of those 300 employees counts for a lot more than the checkbook-voting of a few disenchanted misanthropes on a Facebook page. UNITE HERE loses these votes because they have a terrible record — which is why the union’s president doesn’t want to bother employees with something as trivial as an election.

Hat tip to longtime reader John. 

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