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UFCW Rejects Election for Employees

The chiefs of the United Food and Commercial Workers union continue to stonewall against a real election for employees of the Smithfield food company. According to one local paper, these are the points the company offered during negotiations:

  • All employees would be informed of the election process at a joint meeting held by Smithfield and the UFCW. Smithfield would tell employees they were free to meet with union representatives, and would agree to bargain in good faith with the UFCW if the employees voted for union representation.
  • Smithfield would limit its campaign activities to a series of plant meetings with employees. The UFCW would be allowed to monitor those meetings and would be given equal time to address employees.
  • All campaign messages would be approved for truthfulness by a third party. Both sides would agree to avoid personal attacks.
  • Smithfield would provide the UFCW with an accurate list of current employees, including addresses and phone numbers.
  • Campaign votes would be counted by a third party. Smithfield and union representatives would monitor the counting process.
  • Both sides would agree to cease negative media campaigns.

The union rejected the offer. Gotta wonder why they’re so scared of a simple, fair election. This episode has given UFCW a big black eye on worker rights.

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