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Chastened UFCW Takes Road Less Traveled — The High One

Two brave Safeway employees in Montana, aided by the National Right To Work Legald Defense Foundation, have won a settlement from United Food and Commercial Workers officials who had been stonewalling the pair on preventing the union from using their money on politics. The AP reports:

Among other things, the settlement announced Wednesday requires the union to reimburse a portion of the workers’ dues and honor their resignations from membership. It also requires the union to notify workers of their Beck rights, which state employees forced to pay union dues only have to pay for membership activities and don’t have to pay for the union’s political activities if they don’t want to.

But this is too rich:

The union was prepared to defend itself against the workers’ claims but opted to take the “high road” and settle, rather than spending thousands of dollars of membership money on attorneys fees, UFCW Local 4 president Nicolai Cocergine said in a written statement.

Indeed, taking the “high road” would be the road less traveled for the UFCW. NRTW’s blog post here.

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