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Giuliani Law Partner Warns on EFCA Passage

Marc Katz, a law partner with Bracewell and Giuliani — yes, that Giuliani — has put out an important warning to sleep-walking business interests: Wake up, the grossly misnamed Employee Free Choice Act will pass if nothing changes. Meanwhile, the Mayor is one of the bill’s strongest opponents in the presidential hopeful field.

The law firm says:

“There is tremendous support behind this bill, and employers should expect that it will become law in some fashion,” said Marc Katz, a partner at the law firm Bracewell & Giuliani’s Dallas office. “Moreover, there are implications of this bill that require immediate attention from employers.”

This is a good opportunity for the Mayor to reiterate his disdain for and opposition to this piece  of legislation that is only supported by politicians who are kowtowking for cash. In March, Giuliani was interviewed by TV host Larry Kudlow, and the exchange went thusly:

MR. KUDLOW: Another quick regulatory issue — the union movement now wants to end the secret ballot for organizing companies and put in its place a card check program. Mr. Jack Welch was on this show, who’s very much against it. He said it would enormously damage American competitiveness. Your thoughts on this card check.

MR. GIULIANI: I find it very, very hard when I listen to Democrats, you know, talking about their interest in democracy and the right to vote, and they want to take away this sacred right from employees in making a decision about whether they should be members of the union. Well, why shouldn’t they have a right to a secret ballot? That’s probably the most honest, that’s the most traditional way of doing it. That’s the way we do it when we elect public officials. And if they want to have a union, God bless them. If they want to have a union, that should be their free choice. If they don’t want to have a union, that should be their free choice. And there should be no intimidation involved in it where it has to be done publicly where people can pressure them, and people can put a lot of undue pressure on them.


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