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The Dems’ ATM: Union Bosses Budget Big

Marc Ambinder has the eye-popping numbers of the big budgets set out for winning in ’08:

  • The AFL-CIO will spend $53 million, the largest sum ever
  • In total, AFL-CIO unions will spend $200 million
  • Change To Win will set its budget soon
  • CTW member SEIU is slated to spend $30 million by itself

UPDATE: AP story here, which quotes AFSCME president Gerry McEntee saying “We’re going for the trifecta: the House, the Senate and the White House.” Indeed they are.

UPDATE: As Ambinder says, “Remember: all of this — almost all of this — goes to help Democrats.”

UPDATE: Indeed, sometimes it seems like billions — Steve Greenhouse of The New York Times updates his blog report thusly:

Correction: In one of those oh-so-easy to make errors, the headline to this post inaccurately stated the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s political budget. It is $53 million, not $53 billion.

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