Labor Pains: Because Being in a Union can be Painful

Not the Kind of Minority We Need to Defend

Get used to hearing the term “minority bargaining” — which, depending on how you look at it is either the theory that an employer should have to bargain with a union of only a few people in their company or would be a term to describe the union movement as a whole right now. Carter Wood over at NAM’s Shopfloor  has been keeping an eye on this issue more closely than most, and has a must-read this morning. Read the round-up, but remember this:

As private-sector union membership continues to plunge, organized labor becomes more and more desperate, abandoning any of its claims to believing in workplace democracy. Employee Free Choice Act, eliminating the secret ballot so unwilling workers can be bullied into joining a union? Minority bargaining, to impose unionization at a business if only a few employees demand against the will of the majority? Sure — as long as we can collect the dues.