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UFCW’s Anti-Business Front Groups

They’re attacking the world’s largest retailer under the name Wake Up Wal-Mart. They’re attacking a food processor under the banner of Justice at Smithfield. Now, it turns out, the honchos leading the United Food and Commercial Workers union appear to be hiding behind a couple of other names as they attack leading businesses.

It’s all a part of UFCW’s emerging “anti-corporate campaign” strategy which involves hiding the union’s role in a smear job. Now a grocer-slash-blogger has new details about other campaigns:

Check this out. The UFCW sponsored an identical smear campaign in the Phoenix area against Bashas’ supermarkets. The similarities are uncanny. Both campaigns mention baby food or baby formulas. Both unions have a front company, like California Healthy Communities Network and Hungry for Respect, so reporters don’t spell out UFCW local 5 and local 99. Both unions claim they have been collecting (and rotting) food for a month and half. Both locals in different cities held press conferences within a day of each other to announce their “findings.” Bashas’ says they have been the target of the union smear campaign for over a year. Phoenix’s Local 99 has also filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board against Bashas’ supermarkets. Sound familiar?


Found another one. This union smear campaign is against Fiesta Foods grocery in Pasco Washington. The union, UFCW local 1439, posted flyers impersonating the Benton Franklin Health District and KNDU-TV.

With UFCW’s record, I understand why you’d want to use as many different names as possible. It’s just another tactic the public will have to come to understand.